The Link Between Diabetes and Obesity

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects almost a third of the population. More than 100 million Americans either have diabetes or are prediabetic, which means they’re at risk for becoming diabetic. With diabetes, your body cannot process blood sugar as it normally does. 

Diabetes is an umbrella term that encompasses two illnesses that both impact your body’s ability to process blood sugar: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The difference is that type 2 diabetes is a preventable illness brought on by lifestyle factors, while type 1 diabetes is usually a hereditary disease that generally impacts children.

Because your health and wellbeing are our greatest concern, we at the offices of Jose Valdez MD have composed this helpful guide to help you live a healthier lifestyle, free of chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is linked to other chronic illnesses, too.

Type 2 diabetes isn’t just a chronic illness on its own; it can also increase your risk for other serious illnesses or lead to chronic and often debilitating conditions, including:  

Catching diabetes while it’s still in the early stages, or prediabetes, means that you still have a chance to reverse it. So it’s important to keep regular appointments with us, so we can monitor your health and catch any concerns like type 2 diabetes early on.

Obesity’s connection to type 2 diabetes 

There is definitely a link between type two diabetes and obesity, and obesity is an observed risk factor. Additionally, the majority of those who have the illness are obese or overweight. The culprit here lies in the fact that your cells begin resisting insulin when fat builds up in your body. 

The good news is that losing weight actually does lower your risk of becoming a type 2 diabetic. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, losing only 5% of your body weight can improve and lower your blood sugar levels. And losing weight helps diabetes symptoms as well, since it helps your body process insulin more effectively again and reduces your dependence on medication. 

Losing weight to lower your risk  

The best way to lose weight, especially if you have diabetes, is to lose weight gradually by following a healthy diet and exercise program. The ADA suggests reducing your fat consumption and relying on good fats, also known as unsaturated fats. 

Some effective and helpful points for losing weight include:

Become healthier today

If you have type 2 diabetes or are prediabetic and at risk for becoming diabetic, you’ll want to start living healthier. Dr. Valdez and his team are here to walk you through all of your health concerns with compassion and effective care. Call us to make an appointment today.

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